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Mural Spotlight: El Gran Sueño

Covering the side of the Keyfoods supermarket on 574 Jersey Ave in Jersey City is “El Gran Sueño (The great dream).” The mural, painted in different shades of mostly red and blue, shows the story of what appears to be a wooden vessel carrying all different types of people on a voyage. Similar to most of his murals that can be seen on his personal website, Instagram, and Facebook page, “El Gran Sueño, uses comparable caricatures. While they all represent something different, the figures have a similar art style. It can be interpreted by examining the image that they are all on a journey to the United States, with the title possibly signifying their vision of the “American dream.”

Another interpretation could possibly simply be that of a literal dream. The caricatures all have somewhat distorted facial features, some even having three eyes or elongated noses, while the colors are all blended together, akin to how most humans experience dreams.

The colorful mural was painted by artist Asbel Gomez Dumpierre. Dumpierre was born in Havana, Cuba to parents who were both university professors; one teaching physics and the other teaching philosophy. However, contrary to hi parents position as professors, Dumpierre headed down a different path, stating on his website that although he was not a good student, his notebooks were always filled with drawings and doodles. (Translated to English) “While higher studies were very educational and enriching, I was happy to be able to study something that had to do with painting and the themes of the visual arts.” Dumpierre continues to work in the U.S. and in his native Cuba as well.

Images: Alex Mora –
Mural: Asbel Gomez Dumpierre – @gomezdumpierre –
Business: Key Foods –
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