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I LOVE BRUNCH. I love brunch with the same conviction that Oprah loves bread. To me brunch is a great way to start you morning on the weekends and fuel up for the day ahead. Or depending on how the night out before went, brunch may call for a lot of carbs, a hair of the dog, and recapping the night with your friends. I love the versatility of brunch; sweat, savory, hearty or healthy, boozy or not, I love it all. Jersey City has so many amazing spots for brunch that you can’t really go wrong. I haven’t tried them all but here are some of my favorites.

Mathews is your classic brunch spot, but elevated. They have amazing options, delicious dishes, and fun glittery cocktails. The portions are quite large and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Start with the french toast sticks, just do it! The lemon ricotta pancakes are awesome and the fried chicken and biscuit did not disappoint.

Piggyback Bar
Brunching with a view of the Hudson River and NYC skyline is just an added bonus at Piggyback Bar. Serving up an Asian twist on brunch Piggyback Bar is definitely a MUST try with options like lobster benny and the BEC Scallion Sandwich. They usually have incredible specials such as, brunch ramen, bubble waffle with burrata, and my favorite the okonomiyaki; a Japanese savory pancake. Great for groups, there’s both indoor and outdoor seating.

Beechwood Cafe
I can always count on Beechwood Cafe for a reliable and affordable brunch. Their menu is straightforward and has options for everyone. It’s super cute and great for those who are less adventurous eaters, aka for when parents are in town. I’m a huge fan of their iced coffee and smoothies, they are also BYOB.

Short Grain
For a lighter and healthier brunch, Short Grain is the answer. The dishes are as tasty as they look. From the vibrant colors you can tell they are using high quality and fresh ingredients. The space is quaint and perfect for a low key dine in meal or to go order. Short Grain offers a variety of coffee drinks, lattes, matchas and juices. The Vietnamese style iced coffee is life changing. I really wish I could start everyday with that iced coffee and granola bowl.

Wonder Bagels
We can’t always ball out at a sit down brunch each weekend so Wonder Bagels a perfect cheaper and quicker option. Jersey really does have the best bagels and Wonder Bagels is no exception. I usually go for an everything bagel with a fun cream cheese like lox cream cheese or veggie, or the classic bacon egg and cheese with hot sauce. Also, their iced coffee is made with iced coffee ice cubes, so it doesn’t get watered down, genius! You may have to wait on a line out the door, but hey fresh air is good for you, and it can cure a hangover if you ask me.

Other honorable mentions are Talde and Porta. Go for the chicken and waffles at Talde and who doesn’t want pizza for breakfast? Porta’s brunch pizza is fun or split some classics.

Next up on my list to try for brunch is Hamilton Inn and Buddy Who’s. What’s your favorite brunch place? Comment below and connect with me on Instagram @eats_with_erin !

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