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Creative Storage Solutions To Organize Your Small Home

If you live in New York, chances are you are used to living in a smaller home. The size of homes in a big city can be pretty limited, but that doesn’t mean your storage options have to be too. As long as you are willing to get a little creative, you can keep your small home organized, stylish, and looking its best, no matter where you live.

Get What You Don’t Use Out

Space is a pretty big commodity in New York, so you definitely do not need clutter taking up too much room inside your home. You need to be strategic about what you keep, and figure out simple ways to declutter and organize your home. Books and helpful tips are a great start, but at the end of the day, what you may need is just a little more space. If, like most people, you have things you just don’t want to get rid of yet, think about renting a storage unit to keep your belongings tucked away safely. Units can be rented as needed for a fairly inexpensive price. As of today, the overall average price for a self-storage unit in New York City is $92.22, but you should compare prices to get the best unit for your needs and budget. It will cost extra if you need a rental truck to transport those items to the storage unit, but U-haul has deals that start around $19.95 before mileage and other factors are considered.

Add Storage Without Taking Away Style

Having your home neat and organized is important, but you have to be happy with the way your home looks too. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to add storage to a small home without taking away the personality and without spending a fortune. You can use hooks on your walls to show off all those funky hats and killer coats you have hiding in your closet, or add storage space with shelving built around doorways and walls. If those ideas don’t quite click with your style, try some of these small space storage solutions from Refinery29. You can use inexpensive baskets and boxes to stash items underneath your bed or even learn how to navigate a small space with a partner or roommates. You’ll find all you need to turn your small New York space into a comfy, polished home.

Know Where to Shop for Small Solutions

Stores in and around New York know that people are looking for ways to keep their small homes organized. However, with so many options, it can tough to know where to start when you are looking for furnishings for your own home. If you have not shopped there already, IKEA is a great spot to pick up affordable, creative, stylish, and eco-friendly storage solutions for your apartment or home. Check out this list of some of the best small space options IKEA has to offer. From convertible dining tables to multi-tasking utility carts, there are so many ways to keep your home tidy. Not into IKEA but wanting to embrace the minimalist style? Here are some other stores that offer similar options to help you create storage in your small home.

Keep Things Clean with Minimal Effort

It takes a lot of work to declutter and organize your home, so you don’t want those efforts to go to waste by letting things get messy again. One of the best parts about living in a smaller home is that it takes less effort to keep things clean. Keeping furniture and decor minimal means fewer surfaces to collect dust, dirt, and other stuff that can cause you more stress. You can also use these tips to make cleaning more efficient, and less time-consuming for you. For those weeks when are just too busy to clean, you can even think about hiring someone to help you out. In New York, you can expect to pay about $160 for housekeeping services, but your actual cost can vary based on how often you need help and how big your home is.

Living in a smaller apartment or home shouldn’t limit your life. With the right storage and some decluttering tips, you can turn that tiny house into a home anyone would love to live in.

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