Think back to 1996. What were you doing then, 20 years ago? What music was popular back then? What films were reigning supreme at the box office? What was the top news stories happening at that time? These type of questions is what this weekly series will provide to you. We will display the top 10 music and film charts. We will also provide the television ratings from this time period, as well as video game releases. Lastly, we will provide a list of the top news events occurring throughout the week as well as links to stories from this time period. Although many who grew up around this time feel as if the 90s just passed “10 years ago” as many state, the world at that time was such a different place. So much has changed in all aspects of our life.



Analysis - Box Office


Television Ratings


Analysis - Television

Video Game Releases

Analysis - VideoGames



Top Stories

For a sense of what was the top news and events during this week in 1996, check out these interesting articles below from the LA Times. Some news can even parallel some big news stories happening today, such as the release of an a major NBA superstar leaving the team that drafted him, income gap inequality, distrust of police and major politicians, as well as a refugee crisis. We strongly recommend you check out the articles below.

N.Y. Jet Explodes; 229 Aboard : Flight to Paris Plunges in Flames Into Ocean

Shaq-zamm! He’s a $120-Million Laker

2,626 Were Victims of Hate Crimes in State Last Year

Who Do You Trust? Not the President!

Latino Activists Protest Fatal Police Shooting

Actor Robert Downey Jr. Arrested for a Third Time

Refugees Seeking New Lives in the West Are Stranded in Eastern Europe

Gore Laying Foundation for Higher Office

Income Gap Is Growing, Study Reports

MLS Draws an All-Star Crowd

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